Saturday, July 16, 2011

Top Ten Reasons I Love My Husband Today

Because it's too much pressure to try to decide the top ten reasons I love my husband ever, here are the top ten reasons I'm loving my husband this morning, in no particular order.

1. He packs a mean diaper bag. And by mean, I describe a bag that is "comprehensive" as well as "likely pirate-themed, possibly containing a large knife." Arrr.

2. He looks great in a kilt.

3. His children adore him, and rightfully so. Lots of dads come home from work and play with their kids for a bit. He doesn't just entertain them, he instigates things from babywearing to rocket-launching, and still helps with the crummy stuff like washing out the poopy diapers.

4. He continues to discuss paint colors with me, although he is color blind and hates painting and would be perfectly happy to keep the dining room the same color for the rest of his life. He frowns thoughtfully at my paint chips and offers opinions because he knows that I care.

5. Ditto to discussions about what I should do with my hair.

6. He continues to patiently explain radio things to me, although I continue to make astute observations, such as, "that box is more blinky than this one," and "you have a lot of wires."

7. He is willing to do crazy things that others would shudder to contemplate, from a certain rappelling incident at a certain concert venue, to backpacking through bear country with a five-month-old.

8. He is a great dancer.

9. He will never run out of things that he is interested in, or things that he would like to do. One can talk with him about virtually any topic and he will find something interesting about it.

10. He still seems to like me. A lot.