Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dinosaur Land

What to do when your child asks to see dinosaurs, and you don't want to fight the tourists downtown? I googled "Virginia dinosaurs" and found this, nestled in beautiful Shenandoah valley:

Dinosaur Land was truly amazing. First you go through a magical tree and see this:

AND a giant octopus AND a big green cactus. And it goes on from there.

I enjoy how the mammoth looks bored with the whole thing. "Yeah, sure, make a silly face, take a picture, see if I care. Why don't you go sit on that bench over there and eat some lunch while you're at it?"

Betsy liked this friendly stegosaurus. There were a bunch of "nice" dinosaurs, and then there were the hungry dinosaurs.

We're totally coming back to Dinosaur Land to stage a family Christmas card photo.

By the way, check out my little girl who stands up by herself now!

And there's a photo op with King Kong, as one would expect in a dinosaur park (if that park also includes a large praying mantis and a cobra and a land sloth).

An artsy shot by Betsy.

We can't wait to go back. The park staff were truly nice and helpful, and there was a huge gift shop where my kid happily pulled rubber snakes out of buckets while my other kid dithered about which amazing dinosaur items to buy. A perfect summer day's outing.

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