Tuesday, May 1, 2012

These Days

These days we are waiting.  Waiting to hear about some potentially very good things, but waiting nonetheless, with spring and summer plans on hold for now.

We are also:

 Enjoying lots of time outdoors this spring, aka the time before too many stinkbugs and mosquitoes.

Appreciating anew the beauty of our neighborhood.

Taking a welcome break from packing.

Taking a welcome break from keeping the house in show condition.  Because these children are very special and extremely talented in keeping the house in a more, um, creative condition.  The scene pictured below happened in the two minutes it took me to put leftovers on their plates for dinner.  (Not pictured: the paper towels woven into the backs of the dining room chairs.)

I enjoy the placement of the cat scratching post right next to the couch, for the ultimate in cat relaxation and grooming.

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